60 Inch Super Heavy Duty Wagon Wheel Fire Pit Grate

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The Super Heavy Duty Wagon Wheel Grate series is built from 3/4 inch thick square-bar steel for extreme durability. Their innovative wheel-and-spoke shape lifts firewood off the ground to improve airflow to the fire while the flared tips help contain logs safely on top of the grate.

*Important Note*: Due to its significant size and weight, the 60 inch diameter version of this item is built in four sections. This not only allows for lower shipping costs, but also makes it significantly easier to install the grate and to remove it when cleaning the fire pit. No assembly is required beyond placing the four sections together inside the fire pit.

To ensure a great fit in your fire pit, please measure the diameter of the inside of your fire pit and select a grate that is at least 1-5 inches smaller.

  • 4-3/4 inch high log bed
  • Spokes and legs made from super heavy duty 3/4 inch solid square bar steel
  • Support ring made from heavy duty 3/8 x 1 inch thick steel bar
  • Flare tipped spokes prevent logs from rolling off

Made in the USA