14-1/4 Inch Heavy Duty Pizza Oven Andiron

14-1/4 Inch Heavy Duty Pizza Oven Andiron

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This andiron is designed to be a durable, compact option for increasing airflow to the fire in a wood-burning pizza oven. It can also be used in wide variety of wood-burning fireplaces, fire pits, and stoves as a simple, economical alternative to a grate.

This listing is for a single andiron. One andiron is sufficient to lift one end of the logs off the floor and allow air to flow underneath, or you can combine two or more andirons to hold the entire log up for added airflow.

As this item is made to be used in a cooking appliance, it is shipped uncoated and may arrive with some surface rust. Such surface rust, if present, should burn off after the first fire or two and will not affect the usability of the grate.

Overall dimensions (inches): 14-1/4 L x 8 W x 7 H