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Where is the diameter of the round grates measured?

  • For round grates, the listed diameter is measured at the widest point on the grate.

What size round grate should I purchase?

  • We suggest that you purchase a grate with a diameter at least 1-5 inches smaller than the inside diameter of your fire pit to ensure a good fit.

What is the difference between log bed height and overall height?

  • The log bed height is how high the logs sit off the ground. Since some grates have flared tips that stick up, the overall height is sometimes greater than the log bed height.

What is the purpose of flared tips on a grate?

  • Flared tips help to keep logs from shifting off the top of the grate.

Is it safe to leave my grate or poker outside? What can I do to minimize rust?

  • Our heavy-duty items are built to last, and will last a long time even if they are left exposed to the elements. However, if you would like to minimize rusting we suggest bringing them inside or keeping them covered when not in use.
Any other tips for improving the longevity of my grate?
  • The most important tip we can offer is to keep the area under the grate clear of excessive ash and coals! The purpose of a fire grate is to allow air to flow under the grate and into the fire. If ash and coal are allowed to build up and block this airflow, not only is the grate not serving its purpose but the steel will overheat and deform - and quickly start to burn through!